What Shaver or Blade is Right for Me?

Welcome to Skull Shaver! We offer a range of electric shavers designed to give you a smooth and comfortable shave. Our products are designed with you in mind, so you can enjoy a hassle-free shaving experience. Browse our selection of shavers and accessories to find the perfect fit for you.

The Pitbull Silver comes standard with a Carver blade which is specially designed for coarse or thick hair.  The Pitbull Gold AND Pitbull Platinum come standard with our most popular blade, the Forte.  The Pitbull Platinum has all the same features of Pitbull Gold, PLUS a wash indicator, a travel lock function, a premium travel case, and Platinum rinse stand.  The Pitbull Platinum also comes with an extended two-year warranty, while the Pitbull Silver and Gold only come with a one-year warranty.  

Click here for a more indepth break down of the shaver differences!

Here is a chart that gives a brief description and visual comparison of each of our blades!

Up at the top of the chart, you will notice how the top of PRO 4 head blade pops off for easy cleaning.  They will be more flexible than our previous 5-head blades and as you can see, easier to clean.  

Please note that the three types of shaver heads (Carver, Forte, Baron) are the same across all of our blade assembly types (PRO 4 head, PRO 3 head, original 5 head).