Beast Clipper DUO

Yes, the Beast Clipper can be adjusted to different lengths.

The teeth are micro-adjustable to fine tune the cutting length. Each Beast Clipper also includes several different length combs to adapt to any hair style. Below is a chart showing the different cutting lengths available for the Beast Clipper:

Included Guard                                             Common Cut Number     Length in MM     Length in Inches (approx)

No Guard                                                    0                                     1                          3/64

Shortest Setting                                                        0.5                                   1.5                       1/16

3mm                                                                           1                                      3                         1/8

6mm                                                                           2                                      6                         1/4

9mm                                                                           3                                      9                         3/8

12mm                                                                          4                                     12                       1/2

 4-8mm Tapered Blending Guard                           1.5 - 2.5                             4 - 8                 5/32 - 5/16

5-9mm Tapered Blending Guard                            1.75 - 3                              5 - 9                 7/32 - 3/8

The Beast Clipper is not water resistant and should not be used in the shower.

All of our Pitbull, Palm, and Butterfly Kiss shavers feature IPX5 water resistant construction and technology, allowing you to safely shave your head, face, or body shave in the shower. 

However, we do not recommend using our shavers in a bath as our shavers should never be submerged.

The Beast Clipper will take 4 hours to fully charge from a completely dead battery. Once fully charged, the clippers will run for up to one hour continuously. 

What length combs are included?

The Beast Clipper comes with 8 cuttings combs. Included are a pair ofshort tapered combs (left and right), a pair of longer tapered combs,3mm, 6mm, 9mm and 12mm combs.

Beast clipper has wide, sharp blades that can smoothly trim thick hair. Many of our customers use it on their dense beards because they love how well it powers through the coarse facial hair. The Beast Clipper also cuts very fine hair very well.