Palm, Pitbull, and Classic 

Pitbull Gold and Platinum shavers take 2.5 hours to fully charge. Pitbull Silver Shavers take 1 hour to fully charge.

DO NOT charge your shaver from any USB port that outputs more than 5 volts.

There are three main differences between the different Pitbull shavers: included blade type, included accessories, and features. 

The Pitbull Silver comes standard with a Carver blade which is specially designed for coarse or thick hair.  The Pitbull Gold AND Pitbull Platinum come standard with our most popular blade, the Forte.  The Pitbull Platinum has all the same features of Pitbull Gold, PLUS a wash indicator, a travel lock function, a premium travel case, and Platinum rinse stand.  The Pitbull Platinum also comes with an extended two-year warranty, while the Pitbull Silver and Gold only come with a one-year warranty.

You can click here to see a comparison chart detailing more specific features of each tier of our Pitbull shavers.

All of our Pitbull, Palm, and Butterfly Kiss shavers feature IPX5 water resistant construction and technology, allowing you to safely shave your head, face, or body shave in the shower. However, we do not recommend using our shavers in a bath as our shavers should never be submerged. 

To get the longest life out of your shaver, we recommend the following:

1. Keep the blade clean by emptying it after every shave, and rinsing in our rinse stand as frequently as is reasonably possible. You can add a drop or two of dish soap to the water reservoir to help break down skin oils.

2. Do not store the shaver in the shower. The water molecules in humid air are much smaller than liquid water drops and over long periods of time/exposure can find their way inside the shaver body leading to premature failure.

3. Try not to wait until the shaver dies to recharge. Ideally, keep the battery charge above 30%.

4. Do not leave the shaver plugged in to the charger for extended periods of time. Some people will leave it plugged in and charging whenever they are not using it. This can reduce the lifespan of the lithium ion battery.

5. Replace blades every 3-6 months. A dirty or worn blade is harder to spin and can result in increased motor wear.

Most of our shavers can be used to shave wet or dry, with or without shaving cream or foam. Pitbull, Butterfly Kiss, and Palm shavers are also IPX5 water resistant, so you can safely shave in the shower. However, please do not fully submerge any of our shavers.

If you are using original Skull Shaver from 2013-2014, then you can only do dry shave. This was our first model and it comes with the engraved name as SKULL SHAVERTM on the shaver handle/body.

Unfortunately customizing shavers isn’t something that we have an estimated availability on. 

We have received requests for all kinds of charging connector types such as mini-USB, micro-USB, Apple's Lightning connector, and USB-C. Depending who you ask, they prefer whatever fits their lifestyle best. USB-C in particular is a fantastic technology and it's great to see it being more commonly used, but there are other considerations for using our products: durability and safety.

Our shavers are designed to be used cordless or while plugged in. If someone is shaving while plugged into the wall, the connection needs to be robust enough to handle the motion and not be easily damaged. Our connection is a simple two posts (a positive and negative) with a deep/strong connection and can handle this kind of use.

Simplicity and reliability also play a part. Our shavers only require charging and do not require any kind of data transfer. Keeping the connector simple lets us make a more reliable product and eliminate a potential failure point.

While our charger is unique to our products, it is standardized across our current products. The standardized charger makes it convenient for those using multiple Skull Shaver products, as a single charger can be used for a shaver, Beast Clipper, or Baby Beast Trimmer.

On the safety side, our connection encourages customers to use our chargers and charging cords. Yes, this can sound like a money grab. However it is a reliability and safety decision. By using a USB-C or micro-USB or similar type of plug, the chances go up of someone using a non-approved charger as they might use whatever they have lying around. Since charging specs can vary wildly from charger to charger, there is a much higher chance that a shaver can be damaged from an incompatible charger.

The included USB charging cable is compatible with any USB adapter that is under 5 Volts, 1 Amp, or 5 Watts of output.

Only use the adapter provided with your shaver.

The Palm Shaver was introduced for two reasons:

 The first is to give an affordable way to let customers try the patented Skull Shaver design and form factor. It is our most affordable shaver to allow customers who may be hesitant about investing in a more premium model a way to see if the design is a good fit for them. Many customers who try it end up upgrading to a model with a few more features such as longer battery life and a stronger motor that can better drive 4 head blades. Others decide that it isn't for them and take advantage of our money back guarantee.

 The second reason we introduced the Palm Shaver was to give an out of the box shaver that focused more on facial shaving than head shaving. The shaver comes with a 3 head Carver blade that excels in shaving tighter and more concave areas, such as the neckline. Since the shaver only comes with 3 heads by default, it can be slower at shaving larger areas such as your head or body.

 We strive to offer quality products at different price points. We want shaving to be easy, and different tools are best suited for different tasks. If the Palm shaver does not work for your needs, maybe a different model will work better. If you decide that the Skull Shaver form factor and product line just aren't for you, then we do offer a money back guarantee period when purchased from an authorized seller.

 Please let us know if you would like us to make some recommendations based on your particular needs and we would be happy to do so!