Foil Blades

Good question!

The Fixer Replacement Blades for One Lion PRO is designed specifically for normal to tough skin

The Chiseler Replacement Blades for One Lion PRO is designed specifically for sensitive skin. 

These premium Japanese stainless steel blades will keep you looking your absolute best. Upgrade with your preferred blade- it takes just seconds and leaves you feeling so fresh and so clean! 

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We recommend replacing your One Lion PRO blades every 90 days or when it feels like it's pulling. 

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to our subscription club at Skull Shaver US. Joining the club is a convenient way to ensure you always have the products you need. By subscribing, you can enjoy the following benefits:

To join the subscription club, simply visit and select your favorite blade or skincare product. Choose the "Subscribe & Save" option and select your preferred subscription schedule using the dropdown arrow. You will receive real-time notifications before each delivery, allowing you to keep track of your subscriptions.

The best part is that you have complete control over your subscription. If you ever want to try a different blade, change the delivery date, or pause/cancel your subscription, it's all easily customizable to fit your needs. We want to ensure that you have the power to make decisions that work best for you

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