Rotary Blades

Rotary Blades

There are 3 types of blades. The Carver, Forte and Baron. The Carver is recommended for coarse hair, the Forte for most users, and the Baron for sensitive skin and/or fine hair. All of them give a great shave but the comfort level changes depending on your personal preference and skin type.

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There are also 3-head, 4-head, and 5-head models. The 5-head models have a strong following and many people fell in love with Skull Shaver using this blade. The 5 head was th eoriginal Skull Shaver design that won many over. However, as much as we love them, the new PRO blade technology, which is utilized on all 3-head and 4-head models, has many improvements. We listened to customer feedback and improved the 5 head design with the new PRO design. We allowed the blade to be opened for easier deep cleans and also sealed the drivetrain. With these improvements there should be less wear and tear on the blades and the motor giving your shaver and blades a longer life and you a more comfortable shave.

The 5-Head and 4-Head models are meant to cover large areas quickly and are intended to shave the entire skull quickly and efficiently. The 3-Head blades are designed specifically for the challenges of shaving the face. The smaller blade profile more closely conforms to tightly contoured areas such as your chin or jawline.

Any of our blades will give a quick, painless, smooth shave but the best blade for you is ultimately up to you. Hopefully this helps to get the best shave possible.

We advise you to use rinse stand and clean the blades with warm water. The Platinum rinse stand is compatible with all skull shaver products.

If you have a 3 or 4 head blade, you can separate the blades from the drivetrain. Separate the blades by pressing up on the tab. The blades will snap off and you can rinse them under running water. Here is a video showing how to clean the 4 head PRO blades:

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You can be rinsing your 5 head blades just as we instruct, but still have a clog.  It's helpful to perform a deep clean on your blades once a week.

All you need is warm water and a drop or two of mild dish soap, something similar to Dawn.  Keeping your blade attached to your handle, let the blade sit in that warm water/soap solution for 10 minutes.

From there, turn on your shaver and let it run for 10 minutes. This will expose the clog and get your blades back up to running normally.  

If it doesn't, you may need new blades.  We recommend replacing blades every 3-6 months. 

All blade designs can achieve a complete head shave in 90 seconds or less for many customers.

The PRO 4 head is our newest design and have several performance improving enhancements over the original 5 head design. Even though the PRO blades has 4 shaving heads, each shaving head is more effective in the PRO design. The PRO blades also come apart for easy cleaning.  

The PRO 3 head blades are made for shaving tightly contoured areas such as the face and neck. Some customers like it for shaving around their ears, other customers shave their entire head with just the PRO 3 head blade. 

The 5 head blade allows efficient close shaving for all types of skin closely following all the contours of your head, face and neck. Each blade has an independant rotation allowing better access to difficult areas. 

Adding oil to your blades can help keep them running smooth and give you the longest blade life. We recommend the following oiling intervals to keep your blade running smooth for the longest time possible:

- Normal usage (Shave every 2-3 days): Once a month

 - Daily usage: Once every 2 weeks

 - If you deep clean the blades with soap, add oil after rinsing

You can add oil to your shaver blades by adding a single drop of oil to the metal guards of each blade.

To clean your blades, they do not need to be disassembled beyond unsnapping the blades from the drivetrain. Blades do not need to be disassembled down to their individual components by removing the inner white brace. If your blades have fallen apart, or been taken apart beyond what was needed, the video below (starting at 46 seconds) will help you re-assemble them correctly and get them back in action. 

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Depending on the frequency and volume of shaving, as well as the thickness of your hair, on average we recommend you replace your blade every 3-6 months. 

The reason we suggest replacing them every 3-6 months is because when you have an old or clogged blade it causes the machine to slow down or stop working altogether.

All shaver and blade purchases come with a subscription option that will have blades sent every 90 days at a discount! We encourage our customers to opt into this for worry-free replacement blades sent for their shavers for both the best shave and shaver longevity.

If your blades are spinning in their housing, please see this video: 

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Yes, you can use an alcohol based solution in the Rinse Stand. You can also mix isopropyl alcohol with water to create your own rinsing solution. 

We recommend shaving gel, foam, or cream over shaving oil.

You can use shaving oil with the 3 or 4 head PRO blades, but they should be thoroughly cleaned from time to time.

Shaving oil can build up in the blades and become difficult to clean. 

As a result, shaving oil should NOT be used in any 5 head blade.