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Most of the time when we see this fault, it is due to part of the blade being broken off inside the shaver body. This can happen if the shaver is dropped, over tightening the blade, or turning the blade the wrong way to remove it. We always recommend a firm but gentle touch when removing or installing the blade.

When this happens, your handle and blade will both need to be replaced. Please contact our Customer Service at cs@skullshaver.com for next steps.

Products with lithium ion batteries should not be placed in household trash. We highly recommend you recycle where facilities exist. 

Simply check with the local authority and regulations when disposing of electric shavers or you can visit this website to see how you can properly dispose your handle: USEPA 


Find your closest recycling center using this link: Earth 911

We don't offer gift cards because of state imposed requirements surrounding them as a product. Our home state of NJ requires us to comply with the following in relation to gift card sales:

The associated law imposes statutory penalties of up to $500 per violation, as enforced by the New Jersey Director of the Division of Consumer Affairs.

These regulations impose significant administrative and technical overhead on us as a business. Since we have limited bandwidth and only so many hours per day, we decided the best way to move forward at this time is simply to not offer gift cards and focus on other growth areas such as improving product quality and providing better and more available customer service.

Yes, we can assure you that the failure rate without a customer using the rubber grommet is very low. We have collected information since we recently started including them and we found that when it's being used it's effective and when it's not there the failure rate is still pretty low.

Many customers before the rubber grommets have not had issues when using their machine without it. We would be more than happy to send you a complimentary rubber grommet if you contact our customer service team confirming your shipping address. 

Click here to see a rubber grommet! 

Thanks for your interest in Skull Shaver products! We have a new wholesale program with the following terms


You will get a 20% discount over the available prices on our website www.skullshaver.com

Distribution Limitations:

Unless otherwise agreed on in writing, wholesalers are not permitted or authorized to resell our items on Amazon.com or Walmart.com.


A prepayment by wire or ACH is required. All sales are final and refunds are not available.

Minimum Order Value:



We will provide you, the wholesaler, the normal warranty coverage for your items. We will not process warranty claims for your customers directly. Your customers should contact you for coverage. To process a warranty claim, please contact us at cs@skullshaver.com with the details. Warranty replacements can only be mailed to your mailing address and you must distribute to your customer from there.


Minimum advertised prices must be as follows, OR no lower than the lowest price listed on skullshaver.com at that moment in time, whichever is lower:

Pitbull Platinum PRO: $199.99

Pitbull Gold PRO: $99.99

Pitbull Silver PRO: $89.99

Palm Shaver: $39.99

Butterfly Kiss PRO: $69.99

Beast Clipper PRO: $69.99

Failure to adhere to the MAP values noted above may result in termination of wholesale account.

USA Shipping:

All US addresses (including US addresses for a forwarding service that you may be using) will be charged a $75 shipping fee. We will arrange shipping to your address.

Rest of World Shipping:

You will be responsible for arranging shipping. We can meet the carrier for pickup during our normal business hours of 8AM-4PM EST Mon-Fri, but you must provide the shipping labels. We will not be responsible for customs fees or duties.

Authorized Seller Status:

Unless otherwise agreed on with a signed contract, wholesalers will not be considered Authorized Sellers and cannot represent themselves as such. Misrepresentation of any kind may result in termination of wholesale account.

Intellectual Property:

All copyrights, trademarks, images, photos, videos, product descriptions, and other related tangible and intangible assets are property of Skull Shaver, LLC. Unauthorized, altered, distorted, or otherwise abusive use of Skull Shaver, LLC’s intellectual property may result in account termination and additional prosecution.

Skull Shaver, LLC reserves the rights to change these terms and conditions at any time without notice.

If you would like to set up a wholesale account, you can create an account at: https://skullshaver.wholesale.shopifyapps.com/ You can also review the wholesale program Terms and Conditions here: https://skullshaver.wholesale.shopifyapps.com/pages/terms-and-conditions

From there, you can put together an order and submit it for our review. Once we review and approve the order, we will send bank details for payment. Simply pay the required amount, let us know that payment has been sent, and we can dispatch the order as soon as it clears.

Hey, thanks for contacting us and showing interest in representing a small business!

Please fill out the form below with your information and our social media team will be in contact soon.

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